Tuesday, 6 January 2009

And I need you to start small in...Palestine

This is a Christmas Poem written by one of my colleagues for our office Christmas service. I was really moved by it at the time (especially as the was an image of the nativity against the background of the Wall on the screen as he read it) and asked for a copy - not realising he had written it himself. I asked him for a copy and got it when I came back to work yesterday.

And the Father said to Jesus…

I’m having a re-think, I need to reorganise,
So I need you to be flexible as part of that exercise.
Don’t worry if you feel you’re not fully skilled
Personnel provide training, it’s part of the deal.

It’s a big job of course, it’s about life and death.
It will mean incarnation among those who have breath -
In Iraq and the Congo, as well as Come Dancers,
Sublime, ridiculous; life’s poorest, financiers.
They all have their life, yet will all die in time,
And I need you to start small in - Palestine.

It’s a big job of course, it’s about saving the earth,
From itself, from each other; new values, new worth,
Where there’s love for each other, where peace will reign;
There’ll be justice for all, even joy through the pain.
Where all work together, people cease saying ‘mine’,
And the best place to start work is in – Palestine.

It’s a big job of course, and it must involve Hope,
If it works as expected, not sure how you’ll cope.
I won’t leave you alone, watch out for the dove!
But in order to save them, it needs demonstrable love -
Beyond anything, anywhere, in the annals of time,
And the best place to show hope is in – Palestine.

It’s a fixed term contract, with negotiable wages
Mary’s expecting you, as are the three sages.
You’ll start work in a manger, but rise to Team Leader.
And as for your targets, we’ll review those next Easter.

Dec 2008

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